Software Development

With many years of experienced subject matter experts in Programming, Math’s, Physics, Economics, and Analytics, we love to do the research for you and welcome all types of research projects in quantitative or qualitative. At our company we have developed hundreds of Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence. We would be happy to work on your project too, putting our undivided attention into our clients’ needs.

Regardless at any degree of complexity, we will develop and create your own Indicators, Expert advisor and Business, Artificial Intelligence implement trading strategies, as per your needs and requirements. We will also support you in tweak and fine-tune your settings, test the expert advisor based on historical data, and optimize parameters to ensure that you get the most out of your trading strategy.
To help you to take advantage from our experience and knowhow, we also provide extensive consultative support. If you are unsure what programming language and platform best fits your needs, we offer the perfect medium to implement your ideas and help you make the right decision. We will advise you on the optimal platform (MQL4, MQL5,]Forex) and the type of program appropriate for your needs.

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