Alternative Data Signal

Alternative data signals produce through derivations of different traditional data sets from multiple quality resources. That alpha can provide unique and timely insights into investment opportunities. The process of extract benefits from different data to alternative data can be extremely challenging. Our continuous effort in research and development for about a decade, we develop our capacities to predict for future market or sector movements with regards in trend and risk, which in turn that alpha used to obtain insight into the investment process and helps in trading decisions for traders.


With many years of experienced subject matter experts in economy, analysis, math’s, physics and programming, we love to do the research for you and welcome all types of research projects whether it is quantitative or qualitative. At our company we have developed hundreds of Indicators, expert indicators and have made inroads in the path of Machine learning. We would be happy to work on your project too, putting our undivided attention into our clients’ needs.

Software Development

Join us in providing you with extensive consultative assistance that will help you benefit from our experience and expertise. Our team will assist you to enhance your strategy if required, and the type of program appropriate for your needs, guide you the best third party data integration that suits every need. We offer the perfect medium to implement your ideas and ensure you would receive the best customer service while helping you make the right decision on the optimal platform (MQL4, MQL5, and JForex).

Expert Advisors

Expert advisors also known as Forex robots in the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms, allows you to implement your trading strategy in a fully automated mode, without any manual intervention on your part. Expert advisors can work with online charts as well as offline charts that have been created with the integration of various third-party data applications. Our primary role for forex robots is to develop one that will execute your trading strategy. Our goal is to program one for you with the luxury of having EA execute based on every tick.


We offer MT4, MT5, and JForex Indicator Programming services to our clients. Indicators calculate and display information in visual format. Indicators alone cannot open or close orders; they are used in conjunction with expert advisors. We provide top of the line traders and investors that will use indicators to read market data that will interpret the best market trends and signals, and ultimately make appropriate trading decisions based on those readings

DLL Libraries

We offer DLL Libraries to provide a reliable connection between any remote server and EAs, scripts, and custom indicators with respect to DLL Libraries to provide top notch DLL programming services that guarantee you cutting-edge security features with a high degree of safety that will enable you to transfer data of any value with complete peace of mind.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Forex robots or indicators that are developed for you will be considered as your intellectual property. We encourage you to contact us and get our Non-Disclosure Agreement in order to understand our policies with respect to your rights concerning your intellectual property.

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